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A Dream-Come-True – Custom-Made Jeans!

I have been following this company for a couple of years since discovering them. They have evolved into a dream-come-true. You can now have any kind of jean you want custom made to your personal specifications and measurements.  And the best part…they aren’t astronomically expensive! Can you imagine?!  Check them out: TJ’s Tailor Made jeans Tailored […]

How To Pack a Suitcase – Butler-style!

I was poking around on YouTube and found this wonderful video from Modern Butler on how to properly pack a suitcase.  Whether you’re planning your first cruise or you travel frequently for business, this video gives a refreshing new look at packing techniques that really make a world of difference.  And this just confirms what […]

Day 9 – Maintaining Momentum

So, back in January I came down with the Super Flu. I spent the lion’s share of that month being sick and the bulk of the month of February recovering. Then in March I was hit with diverticulitis which took another two months to heal. Eating during those early months of the year was no […]

Taming Your Closet Monster

Taming Your Closet Monster 3 Steps to a Closet that Works For You Instead of Against You Has the closet monster come to live at your house? Well let me assure you, this clever beast has terrorized us all at one time or another, but there is a way to tame it! First, what is […]

Nine Questions to Ask Before Accepting a Job Offer

Today, I’d like to share an article by career coach, Darrell Gurney, whose specialty is working with six-figure income executives. I think this is a very savvy take on how to evaluate a job offer. Let me know what you think…   Nine Questions to Ask Before Accepting a Job Offer MARCH 1, 2010 By […]