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Brain Health

The Stork Stand – a strong indicator of brain health.  Have you heard this?  Actually I heard it once quite a while ago but forgot until an article by Susan Shadburne reminded me.  Give this a try and remember that your brain is plastic, meaning that it can heal, recover, and create new neural pathways.  […]

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Gregory Patrick Bear

In Celebration of Little Old Ladies

Valentine’s Day is all about Love and who better to Love than Little Old Ladies?! We know some, we are some, and we should be happy and honored to become one! One of my favorite bloggers, Gregory Patrick, has written a post that warmed my heart and secured his place on my Hero List forever.  […]

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Moving Hearts

Love & Insurance

It’s already mid-February, almost Valentine’s Day and what am I thinking about?  INSURANCE! I realize that sounds a little crazy (or a lot!) but there is a connection. First, I’m simply excited because I am officially a fully licensed agent appointed with Bankers Life & Colonial Penn Insurance and I am finally beginning field training […]

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Our Better Half – the beauty and thrill of sex after 50!

For all of us Baby Boomers who heard and remember our parents time-worn quote, I say: Yes, Virginia, women over 50 do enjoy a healthy sex life! And now there’s a podcaster who is burning up the airwaves with a marvelous new program on the subject called appropriately, Our Better Half.  Give a listen and […]

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Thanks 1


My friend, Denise Wakeman (goddess extraordinaire of Online Visibility) just shared a wonderful post from blogger/writer, Kate Matsudaira, that has inspired me with a fresh approach to gratitude.  Her post,  A 4-Step Gratitude Plan is a beautiful and wise way to live, and certainly a lovely way to begin the Holiday Season. Thank you for […]

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