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Stupid Interview Questions?!

Smart Answers to Stupid Questions – what do you think? Well, I probably just announced to the Linked In world that I’m a contrary old fart who isn’t living in the “real” world.  Tomorrow morning when I wake up I will likely be greeted by a firestorm of nasty comments and responses. So here’s what […]

Interview Dressing – A Question of Color

After reading several articles this evening about the new Do’s and Don’ts of dressing for an interview, I decided that there were a few things I had to say about the subject that aren’t being said elsewhere. First, I agree with all the articles I read that counsel erring on the side of conservative in […]

Get a Job vs Become an Entrepreneur

Alright Boomers, you know as well as I do (from experience!) that getting a job in this economy is difficult for anyone of any age. For those of us over 50 it becomes even more difficult because of the realities of Age Bias. So if you’ve been downsized from your career or your career has […]

Day What?!

Gosh, I’ve been at this for more than 3 weeks now and I still have SOOOOOO much to learn. I am reading a book on pro-blogging and it gives excellent advice (along with the outstanding articles on their websites) about how to create good, solid, well-read, money-making blogs.  But with so little time to spend […]

Do the Opinions of Others Matter?

This morning I was wrestling with a question of whether to electronically disconnect from someone. Yes, no, yes, no – I chewed on the question for awhile as I folded laundry. And while I was chewing on the question I realized that I would choose “yes” rather than “no” for a surprising reason. Wrestling with […]