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Why Wide-Leg Pants Can Be Your Friend

I have been and continue to be a fan of wide-leg pants.  Not big pants, not baggy pants. Wide-leg, A-line pants.  Take a look at this picture. Now tell me that properly cut wide leg pants aren’t flattering! Here is a perfect example of how a wide leg (very A-line) pant makes your legs look […]

Do the Opinions of Others Matter?

This morning I was wrestling with a question of whether to electronically disconnect from someone. Yes, no, yes, no – I chewed on the question for awhile as I folded laundry. And while I was chewing on the question I realized that I would choose “yes” rather than “no” for a surprising reason. Wrestling with […]

The Attack of Avoidance

Ugh! I’ve officially lost track of how many days I’ve been writing this blog.  Is it 17 days now?  It’s no surprise that I’m also not feeling creative since my current project-related task is all about numbers. UGH!  Whaaaaaa! My videographer is now doing the creative part of the project – and I’m faced with […]

Are You Driven to Seek Transformation?

I find it fascinating and very affirming that as soon as I took a stand and commited to doing this daily blog as a way of shouting to the Universe that I am not waiting another minute for my life to be transformed, I discovered others in my circle of friends and acquaintences doing much […]