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Cindra Lee Henry Transition Specialist

I began my exploration of the various aspects of image consulting as a result of a personal crisis. In 1994 I had a serious accident that left me unable to exercise for nearly a year. Over the course of that year I gained 75 pounds and became someone I no longer knew. Suddenly, the ebullient extrovert I had always been was hidden beneath someone who didn’t want to go out of the house because she felt like an eye-sore. I felt ugly and that scared me into facing my prejudices about weight and beauty.

Luckily, the inner core of who I was believed my prejudices were destroying me. That inner core knew I was wrong, knew that “beauty is not conformity; it is the creative and artistic expression of your individuality.” That inner core knew that no matter what size a person is, no matter what their physical characteristics, they can be visually beautiful if they will only take a little time, make a little effort, to express outwardly the beauty that is their soul, the essence of who they are.

So, in order to rediscover the essence of who I was and find a way to appreciate myself in this new and unfamiliar body, I dove head-first into the world of image. Modeling, color analysis, makeup, line and style -I spent two years acquiring the tools to visually express the beauty of who I felt I was at heart and more importantly, who I wanted to become.

During all of this, I was working in the staffing industry helping older workers make radical career transitions after they’d been displaced from their original careers.  As you can imagine, personal image is a critical aspect of making a radical career transition.  So everything I was learning for myself became essential to helping my clients reinvent themselves and establish new and satisfying careers.

Indeed, everything happens for a reason!

Now, it is my deep desire to help others discover who they really are, and then learn to express and live their unique truth and individual beauty.

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