Cindra Lee Henry

Where Transformation Begins!

Cindra Lee Henry


Lisa – Age 33 – Spring
Your color analysis for me was a fun, informative, valuable session.  What I’ve said to people when I tell them about my experience is that “Cindra really listens and cares about you as she guides you through the analysis.”  And that’s important to me.  I was amazed at how many colors I can wear and wear well that I had previously written off.

You took me through my wardrobe colors and on into my makeup colors where, once again, there are colors I can wear well that I wasn’t aware of.  I’ve never known which I could wear better:  pink or peach.  So, I have done the easy thing -I avoided them both!  Now I know because of our session that peaches, not pinks, work best on me.  I’ve changed my nail color and my makeup, eye, blush and lipstick colors.  Also, your makeup application was very skilled.  You really listened to me and heard what I liked and wanted.  I looked like me but extra special!

This could have been a very intimidating and overwhelming experience, but you have great eyes to see color and now it’s as if I see colors through new eyes.

Thank you, Cindra!

Becky – Age 45 – Autumn
When I chose to have my colors done, I was feeling the effects of hitting 45 years old.  It was as if suddenly, overnight, the blotchiness of my complexion and the circles under my eyes had intensified in a way that made me feel old and unattractive.  The clothes I had been wearing for years looked different on me.  My face seemed to fade away around the colors of my clothing.  It was time to do something.  This is when I called you.

While I expected that I would learn some things about how I might improve my appearance, I didn’t anticipate the extent to which my life would be improved from your consultation.  And it is noticeable to others.  I can’t tell you how many people have commented on how good I look!  No one can quite figure out what has changed, but they notice.

The only change I have made has been to utilize the information I learned from your services.  The color analysis pointed me to the colors which would most enhance my appearance; the closet analysis took this new information, applied it constructively to my wardrobe and showed me how I might make changes immediately within my very tight budget constraints.

With the purchase of only two articles of clothing, I have been able to transform my closet – which on the surface appeared to house clothes of all the wrong colors for me – into a wardrobe which now accentuates my natural beauty.  Armed with your written analysis and my book of colors, I now shop in half the time and never make choices which I later regret.  It has simplified my life immensely.

Feeling attractive is an important part of growing older for me.  I now have confidence that I can make the most of my appearance with the guidance you have given me.  Thank you, Cindra, for making such a difference in my life!

With gratitude,