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Plus-size Fashion Bloggers

I happened across an article that listed the top 25 Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers who are supposedly changing the game. The first thing I noticed is that they are all very young.  Now I applaud all these young women who are striving to set the trends for their generation, but I do believe that we in the 50 year-old+ group are striving to influence fashion as well.

We still want to look fashionable, and goodness knows we’re still out there competing in the world so we have to look sharp and current.  But what was important to us in our twenties is vastly different than what is important to us now. What we can and will wear at this stage in our life is different than what we could or would wear 20 or 30 years ago – and I’m not talking about fashion trends.  Our bodies change so even if we’re the same weight we were 20 or 30 years ago, the shapes, silhouetts, and fabrics that worked for us back then may not work for us as well now. Goodness knows, I can’t even wear the same kind of shoes I wore back then!

So is there a place for a Baby Boomer Fashion Blogger?   There are Baby Boomer Bloggers who write about fashion.  One of my favorite bloggers is High Heels to Hot Flashes where the blogging team will often include posts that discuss Boomer fashion issues. Then there was Rachel Adler with StyleMentor.US but I can no longer find her site.  And, of course, Judy Freedman’s A Baby Boomer Woman’s Life After 50 blog that includes very useful fashion posts.  But serious Boomer Fashion Bloggers?  I’m not finding any with the same sort of zeal that our younger blogging sisters have.

So, the BIG QUESTION – who cares?


Boomer Fashion Blogger - Yes or No?



And in the meantime, just for fun, here are the three bloggers I like the most from the Top 25. See if you agree:

Curvy Girl Chic – Allison has been around now for quite awhile and I think she’s not only got a great sense of style, but I think she really knows how to dress flatteringly and appropriately for her figure. She posts excellent information, presents a very positive self-image, and has designed a gorgeous, easy-to-navigate but still sophisticated website.

Curvy Girl Chic


Girl With Curves – Tenesha, a UC Berkeley grad, also has a great sense of style and dresses with a certain elegance while still being age-appropriate. I especially like her tips and tutorials.


While the two above are my favorites, I do rather like Margie Ashcroft and her Margie Plus blog site.  She’s definitely a lot edgier and more daring than the other two and her site, while very good looking, doesn’t offer the same kind of navigation for someone looking for specific things, but she’s good! Her site’s well-monetized and it’s slick and sophisticated-looking.




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