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Dare To Be Different

Below is a wonderful article I unearthed from deep in my archives. I think it still holds true today as much as it did in 1990 when it was written.  Let me know what you think. Dare To Be Different by Susanna K. Hutcheson (American Salesman, Nov 1990 v35) Sales Techniques Salespeople must dare to […]

Escape from LA

A friend of mine, Kerry O’Brien, a stellar pilates/yamuna/yoga/gyrotonics instructor, has just begun her blog about the journey she’s undertaken to change her life. She’s downsized, hit the road in her tricked-out van, and is now posting pictures as she travels, camps, and lives a much different lifestyle. As someone on the very young end […]

Day 5 – Baby-Boomer-Blogger is Born

Well, today is Day 5 and I’m wondering if this is a foolish idea. After all, my target market is Baby Boomers.  Are Baby Boomers even reading blogs?  Do Baby Boomers care about blogs?  Are my blogs even reaching Baby Boomers who are experiencing career and image issues – the topics I’m writing about along […]