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Packing With Military Precison

Okay, I realize my audience isn’t the Military, but who better to grab some tips and tricks from than military professionals who have to travel at a moment’s notice and be ready for anything?  I promised you more cool packing tips and I think this is among the coolest. So keep an open mind and […]

Interview Dressing – A Question of Color

After reading several articles this evening about the new Do’s and Don’ts of dressing for an interview, I decided that there were a few things I had to say about the subject that aren’t being said elsewhere. First, I agree with all the articles I read that counsel erring on the side of conservative in […]

Day What?!

Gosh, I’ve been at this for more than 3 weeks now and I still have SOOOOOO much to learn. I am reading a book on pro-blogging and it gives excellent advice (along with the outstanding articles on their websites) about how to create good, solid, well-read, money-making blogs.  But with so little time to spend […]

Why Wide-Leg Pants Can Be Your Friend

I have been and continue to be a fan of wide-leg pants.  Not big pants, not baggy pants. Wide-leg, A-line pants.  Take a look at this picture. Now tell me that properly cut wide leg pants aren’t flattering! Here is a perfect example of how a wide leg (very A-line) pant makes your legs look […]

Do the Opinions of Others Matter?

This morning I was wrestling with a question of whether to electronically disconnect from someone. Yes, no, yes, no – I chewed on the question for awhile as I folded laundry. And while I was chewing on the question I realized that I would choose “yes” rather than “no” for a surprising reason. Wrestling with […]