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How To Pack a Suitcase – Butler-style!

I was poking around on YouTube and found this wonderful video from Modern Butler on how to properly pack a suitcase.  Whether you’re planning your first cruise or you travel frequently for business, this video gives a refreshing new look at packing techniques that really make a world of difference.  And this just confirms what […]

Taming Your Closet Monster

Taming Your Closet Monster 3 Steps to a Closet that Works For You Instead of Against You Has the closet monster come to live at your house? Well let me assure you, this clever beast has terrorized us all at one time or another, but there is a way to tame it! First, what is […]

Where Has All The Fashion Gone?

Went to a fabulous restaurant recently. Don’t indulge in expensive French restaurants very often, so it was definitely a special event. For me, the preparation leading up to such a culinary adventure is as much fun as the dinner itself. Deciding what to wear, putting on my makeup, doing my hair…it’s all great good fun. […]