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Packing With Military Precison

Okay, I realize my audience isn’t the Military, but who better to grab some tips and tricks from than military professionals who have to travel at a moment’s notice and be ready for anything?  I promised you more cool packing tips and I think this is among the coolest. So keep an open mind and […]

Are You Driven to Seek Transformation?

I find it fascinating and very affirming that as soon as I took a stand and commited to doing this daily blog as a way of shouting to the Universe that I am not waiting another minute for my life to be transformed, I discovered others in my circle of friends and acquaintences doing much […]

How To Pack a Suitcase – Butler-style!

I was poking around on YouTube and found this wonderful video from Modern Butler on how to properly pack a suitcase.  Whether you’re planning your first cruise or you travel frequently for business, this video gives a refreshing new look at packing techniques that really make a world of difference.  And this just confirms what […]