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The Woman In The Middle

Today I discovered a very interesting plus-size fashion blog and was delighted to read the post entitled Are You The Invisible Inbetweenie?  by Angela Samuel.  While Ms. Samuel is shown wearing things I’d never have the nerve to wear, her perception of the fashion gap for average-sized women is spot-on. We are bombarded everyday with […]

Jacky Speaks for All Women

Please, listen to this interview with Jacky O’Shaughnessy as part of the “What’s Underneath Project.” My question to you is, if this magnificent 62-year-old, healthy, fit, trim woman has lived with body insecurity all her adult life thanks in large part to feedback she’s been given by others, then doesn’t that seem like a huge […]

A Dream-Come-True – Custom-Made Jeans!

I have been following this company for a couple of years since discovering them. They have evolved into a dream-come-true. You can now have any kind of jean you want custom made to your personal specifications and measurements.  And the best part…they aren’t astronomically expensive! Can you imagine?!  Check them out: TJ’s Tailor Made jeans Tailored […]

Day 9 – Maintaining Momentum

So, back in January I came down with the Super Flu. I spent the lion’s share of that month being sick and the bulk of the month of February recovering. Then in March I was hit with diverticulitis which took another two months to heal. Eating during those early months of the year was no […]

Day 5 – Baby-Boomer-Blogger is Born

Well, today is Day 5 and I’m wondering if this is a foolish idea. After all, my target market is Baby Boomers.  Are Baby Boomers even reading blogs?  Do Baby Boomers care about blogs?  Are my blogs even reaching Baby Boomers who are experiencing career and image issues – the topics I’m writing about along […]