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Today I discovered a very interesting plus-size fashion blog and was delighted to read the post entitled Are You The Invisible Inbetweenie?  by Angela Samuel.  While Ms. Samuel is shown wearing things I’d never have the nerve to wear, her perception of the fashion gap for average-sized women is spot-on. We are bombarded everyday with statistical evidence that we humans are getting larger by the year and that there is a greater percentage of us over a size 14 than under.  And yet, the fashion world is still completely polarized. On the one hand, you have traditional designers like Versace, Chanel, etc. who pale at the mere suggestion of fitting a woman who’s a size 10 let alone anything larger. While on the other hand, you have plus-size designers who have no interest in designing for size 12 or 14 because they don’t consider it a plus-size at all, their fit-model is likely an 18 or a 20.

At the same time, there is a strange polarization in fashion trends as well.  Trendy fashion currently dictates fairly body-conscious, tailored looks – narrow pants, blouses nipped in at the waist, shorter jackets, pencil skirts, that sort of thing. At the same time, there is the lagenlook trend coming out of some of the most innovative fashion schools on the planet.   Now how can both trends – so diametrically opposed – exist at the same time?  What will people 20 years from now view as the iconic “Look” of the 2010’s?

Now those de-constructed lagenlook designs are pretty darn forgiving and easily fit the “in-betweenies” who wear 12/14/16. So the funky couture looks are great for the artistic types.  But what if that woman would rather wear tailored couture clothing? Her options are a bit more limited. And for the woman over a size 14, the challenges become even more complicated because the way clothing is sized up for plus-sizes means the fit is likely to be exponentially more problematic the larger the size.  This is one of the primary reasons many designers have chosen to work with deconstructed clothing.












But I digress…the subject at hand really is the average sized woman. What fashion choices does she have, especially if she actually wants to wear more chic, tailored clothing rather than the uber-forgiving, more avant garde European designs?

Do you agree that for those of us who are in the in-between size bracket there are limited choices if we really want to wear current, fashionable, fabulous clothing?

Do you agree that there should be boutiques specializing in the in-between sizes?  Let me know what you think!

And don’t forget to check out the fashion blog at Voluptuous – whether the thought-provoking post asking Why Are We Still Using the Term Plus-Size” or “Are You the Invisible Inbetweenie” – it’s well worth the read!

And thanks to Curve Appeal for the picture and article on Robyn Lawley, perfect size 14 Plus-Size fashion model.

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