What is Going On with Fashion?

Sunday night I went to see Fela at the Ahmanson Theatre.  Wow!  What a performance!  And while I could go on and on about that, what I really want to talk about here is fashion.  What were people wearing to the theater?

As you know, I work at a lovely, upscale women’s boutique in Sherman Oaks where women come to buy beautiful clothing for all occassions.  But I am beginning to wonder where these same women are wearing these beautiful and expensive clothes.

Used to be that when you went to the theatre you got all dressed up.  That was part of the fun of the experience.  Getting dressed up and watching to see what other people were wearing was a pleasure.  Everyone dressed in their finery helped to create a ambiance that contributed to the overall delight of the going-out experience.  But now, shoot.  Not that everyone was dressed in ratty jeans, grubby tee shirts and flip-flops (well, there were a couple folks dressed that way), but the majority of people could as easily have been dropping kids off at school, running errands, or going to work.  There was very little finery in evidence.  Black was the predominant color.  Pants, tee, sweater or jacket, and sensible shoes was the primary uniform for most of the women.  I saw no one dressed in the funky, European designs we hear are so popular.  I saw only one glitzy evening outfit – poofy gold and black skirt with a sharply tailored black gabardine blazer, high spike-heel pumps.  Brava! to that brave woman!  I saw a few beautiful jackets…always over plain black pants.

What has happened to our sense of style, of fashion, and of individuality?!  What has happened to our ability to take pleasure in creating a “look” or of having fun expressing ourselves through the clothing we choose to wear?  Where are the peacocks, the divas, the dandies, the glamour girls?  What have we done?  Who have we become that we are satisfied with being bland, with looking the same as everyone else?

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